QC 50KW Charger

QC 50KW Charger

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Dimensions 27.08 in(W)x19.69in(D)x40.17in(H)
Connector Type ChadeMo & SAE Combo
Input Voltage AC 380~480 Volts
AC 200~280 Volts
Input Wiring Options 3 Phase 4 Wire AC 380~480 Volts
3 Phase 3 Wire AC 200~280 Volts
Input Amps 70Amps (AC 380~480 Volts)
150Amps (AC 200~280 Volts)
Wire Type #4 THHN Copper(AC 380~480 Volts)
1/0 THHN Copper(AC 200~280 Volts)
Conduit Type EMT
Conduit Size 1 1/2 in.( AC 380~480 Volts)
2 in(AC 200~280 Volts)
Management Software Yes

*This information is calculated on a standard 250 feet run from panel box to charger. If distance from panel box to charger exceeds 250 feet wire type and conduit size will have to be recalculated per charger.

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